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Over the years, TDH Canada has established malnutrition clinics, day care centers, primary schools, and community centers. In collaboration with TDH pour les enfants and TDH Ontario, the organization has also put into place a program of sponsorships and scholarships for the children in Vietnam, has built a vocational training center, and has participated in the construction of orphanages. TDH Canada also responds with disaster relief in the reconstruction and repair of orphanages and aid to the victims of such disasters.

During the course of the year 2008, the family of TDH (TDH Canada, TDH pour les enfants, and TDH Ontario) has responded to the needs of about 1550 children thanks to a number of projects which are listed and described below. The total amount contributed by TDH in 2008 amounts to $197,005 US – approximately $240, 965 Cdn, or about $155 per child for the year 2008.

El Salvador: Fundacion Fundeliddi El Salvador

In this project, TDH works with Fundacion Fundeliddi El Salvador, a local group of war-wounded and handicapped ex-soldiers, whose income is so low that they cannot buy their children school supplies. This year TDH bought 115 individual school supply kits, valued at $1,370 US, and handed them directly to the children and their parents.

Honduras: FANIA, Sister Mary Leonard School

Since 2006 TDH has gradually moved this project from one in which we were totally responsible for all aspects of it, to one where we were active partners, to its present position where we supervise the running of the school by its own stakeholders. With a sense of hope TDH has been able to sign over the responsibility for the Sister Mary Leonard School to the Principal, Oscar Ramirez, and his teachers who now have a stake in its success. Aiming at achieving self-sustainability is not easy in a context of absolute poverty. This year TDH supported FANIA 60%, with an amount of $55,000 US, thus helping 500 students

Vietnam : Sponsorship program

Through our knowledge of the province of Quang Ninh, where we have worked since 1993, and of Vung Tau, where we have worked since 1997, we are supporting orphaned children in the community as well as children in the orphanage of Vung Tau who are not adoptable and require special assistance (e.g. children who are HIV positive). This project, which is now in its 5th year, has sponsored 20 children for a total amount of $6000 US in 2008.

Vietnam: Scholarships University of Hanoi and other post-secondary schools

This project, supervised by Thuy, came to be through the initiative of Mme Hoi, the previous Vietnamese Ambassador to Canada, who asked TDH to find money to support some of the poorest university students in Vietnam selected by the newspaper Tuoi Tre. The project is in its 4th year and is supporting the university education of 12 very poor Vietnamese students for a total annual amount of $8,635 US. Kien, for example, is nearing the completion of his studies in IT (Robotic Design) at the Univeristy of Hanoi. TDH has underwritten his education for 3 years and will continue until he has his degree.

Vietnam: Water Buffalo Project in Hoa Binh province

A water buffalo can lead a poor family out of poverty and give them a chance for a brighter future filled with hope and free from hunger. The animal provides draft power for planting rice and potatoes, milk for protein, and manure for fertilizer and fuel. A family can plant four times more rice with a water buffalo than by hand. The animal can haul heavy loads to market, where the sale of extra produce brings needed income for clothing, medicine, and school. TDH is proud to be associated with this project, administered by the provincial authorities and local People’s Committees of Hoa Binh province. The family initially receives the water buffalo as a loan. The family must show that it is caring for the animal and not sell it or kill it for meat. Once the water buffalo is two years old it belongs to the family, but the first calf borne to the water buffalo must be given to another family in need (under the same conditions). Then any future calves may be kept by the family or sold.

This is an excellent program because it self-perpetuates (A previous pilot project in Quang Ning province 10 years ago has resulted in 27 water buffalos sired by this first buffalo and her offspring – a stupendous feat of multiplying effect for any project.). It is also well supervised locally. The cost of a water buffalo is approximately $500, depending on its age and sex. This year, TDH has purchased 12 water buffalos for a total amount of $6000 US, thus aiding about 50 children and their families. The experience with this project shows that every buffalo will engender 25 others, an amazing long term benefit.

Vietnam: Improvements to the orphanage of Hoa Binh province

The province of Hoa Binh asked TDH to help with improvements to the medical and social infrastructure of the orphanage, which provides service to children and elderly people without family support. There are approximately 150 residents at the center, but it offers as well services to the community. $50,000 US was given this year, representing a committment of $250,000 over a five-year period.

Vietnam: Vinh Son Orphanage, Kontum province

TDH supports sustainable development. The Catholic sisters who direct this set of 5 orphanages also believe in self-sufficiency. They have put into place numbers of projects – micro-enterprise weaving, plantations of coffee, bananas, and rubber for local sale, farming of rice, fruits, and vegetables to sustain the children. TDH helps to furnish the materials to maintain these projects, and at the same time offers financial and material support to the 500 children cared for by the sisters. During the course of a visit to the province of Kontum, TDH learned of the needs of the children in these orphanages and the magnitude of the daily work undertaken by the sisters to sustain these children until they reach adulthood. TDH started to offer a general support for certain fundamental needs and is looking to establish a program of support in collaboration with other agencies. TDH would like to continue its aid to the children of Kontum. In 2008, donations totalling $13,000 US were given to the five orphanages.

Vietnam: Center for Child Protection of Vung Tau

The Director of this orphanage, Mme Le Trang Dai, is considered an excellent administrator, who knows the needs of the children in her care and devotes all her energies to creatively responding to the children’s well-being. At her request, TDH has contributed $22,000 to the construction of a new center in Long Hai, which will care for about 75 children in this region. The inauguration of this center took place in December 2008.

Vietnam: Center for Assistance and Professional Formation of Vung Tau

The children of this orphanage have evident and serious basic needs. On becoming aware of the poor state of the orphanage and the desperate state of its children, TDH has sent a contribution of $20,000 US aimed at responding to some of the most essential needs of the 100 children wh live here. We have recently learned that the Director of the orphanage described above will take on the role of Director of this Center, which will be integrated into the first center, a move that will greatly improve the conditions of the children in this center. TDH will certainly continue to support the future projects of Mme Trang Dai, who has at heart the welfare of these orphans.

Vietnam: Center for the protection of Orphans and Handicapped children of Vung Tau

This third orphanage in the same Province testifies to the need for child support. TDH has responded to a request for aid for the general support of this orphanage with $15,000 US for the general support of the 45 children who live here, particularly those who are handicapped.